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Thermal Spas in Budapest

A real treasure lies underneath Hungary. There’s hardly a plain area in the country that does not harbour thermal waters of various composition in its depth. Its benefits were first discovered in the ancient times. Magnificent baths were erected all over the country, spawning a genuine bathing culture that shaped the life of the rich and the poor alike. Hungary has been influenced by various bathing customs over the centuries, and they still represent an integral part of our bathing culture to this day. 

The restaurant’s new menu

Summer has arrived at the Salon Restaurant in the New York Palace. The restaurant’s new menu offers combinations of flavours unlike anything before. Lots of berries, forest and spring fruits, reinvented dishes from fresh vegetables - and of course meat lovers won’t be disappointed either. Chef András Wolf and his team will surely please the fans of high quality, essential Hungarian cuisine again, and, as always, they have something to offer to those with a sweet tooth.

Salon restaurant - fine dining

Now that there is some hope of the weather improving, one is a little more tempted to get out in the open. Exercise is necessary, and although it’s by no means beach time, one can feel alive with every last molecule of one’s body. To get rid of the feeling of aimless wandering, some very typical historic buildings of Budapest are worth taking a look at, just as finding a place to eat when hunger strikes. 

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