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As the saying goes: “Every successful person is backed by a support team”. In our restaurant a committed team of professionals support Andras Wolf's work: the dishes are created by the experts of fine dining.

Csaba Szabó - Salon Restaurant

Csaba Szabó, one of our F & B directors is responsible for the restaurant’s smooth function, the distinguished quality of the foods and drinks served up.

István Árva - Sommelier

István Árva, our restaurant's sommelier is responsible for the distinguished quality of the wines served up.

András Wolf - Executive chef

András Wolf, Executive chef at Salon Restaurant, ensures that all delicacies served are up to the highest standard.  His expertise and experience in the field guarantee the overseeing and unifying under a single umbrella of the many disparate units; this is reflected in an unbroken record of customer satisfaction.



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Fine dining

The history of goose liver goes back a long way, and foie gras has enjoyed continuing popularity for thousands of years. It is a luxury dish - not only because of its special taste and consistency, but also because of its highly beneficial components. In Hungary it is considered a Hungarikum, a real Hungarian speciality, but of course it is well-liked all over the world.

Salon Restaurant - Nyugat Bar

The bar upstairs with its dim light is one of the cosiest places in the New York Palace. It offers a view of the Salon Restaurant, a part of the New York Café, and the lobby of the hotel: look around while you are sipping your coffee, have a nice lunch or dinner, and enjoy the piano music and the attention you get from us. The Nyugat Bar had seen some hard times before it became this peaceful place, and its misfortunes started in the previous century.

Soups - Fine dining

Soup is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Soups are rich, they fill you up, and if you start exploring the world's great variety of soup recipes, you can find a delicious soup for every day. If you know how to make this varied dish in filling, delicious, yet low calorie versions, it will also help you if you are watching your figure.

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