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A special place to dine in Budapest, for special occasions – why choose Salon restaurant?

There are few more fitting ways to celebrate a real milestone, be it an anniversary or a 50th birthday, than with a lavish dinner in an extraordinary setting. The exquisitely opulent  atmosphere of this fabulous building, together with the last word in gastronomy, render Salon restaurant an ideal environment for all events of this magnitude.

Special place to dine in Budapest

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, an invitation to such a dinner could be the perfect gift. Salon restaurant, being a part of the truly breathtaking  New York Palace building, is one of the most imposing edifices of the Great Boulevard; it is accessible via a separate side entrance from an adjoining street. It is adjacent the Most Beautiful Cafe of the World, which it also opens into. One feature of the restaurant is that it only seats a maximum of 30 in a uniquely luxurious setting, which virtually guarantees a tranquil, intimate dining experience. Our chef Fekete Antonio’s extraordinary talent brings a touch of the exotic  to every meal.

 An experience gift – dine in an extraordinary place on the Boulevard, and be whisked off to another world...


This recently renovated, Italian eclectic style renaissance building looks enchanting even from outside, but this isn’t the only reason Salon restaurant makes an excellent dining venue for special occasions: here, „essential Hungarian gastronomy” gets prime billing.
Here, you’ll step into another world as soon as you set foot inside. The place’s trademark tranquility and quietly classy setting guarantee an unforgettable experience for all at all times. The spacious interiors add an air of intimacy to deep conversations; they also elegantly augment the exquitise meals, prepared from only the very best locally sourced ingredients.


Savour the best in gastronomy – a fine dining experience to celebrate your occasion in style

Our chef has revealed that his top priority is to dazzle customers, not to prepare meals day in day out for visitors. The menu features four- and seven-course meals, which include vegetarian options too. Each course has its own sommelier wine recommendation, as the harmony of food and wine define the dining experience. You will glean a unique insight into the gourmet world, and experience the excitement of mouthwatering combinations such as marinated pike with quail’s eggs and pea juice, or butternut squash soup with dill parfait. Because only a matchless dining experience befits a special occasion.

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Fine dining

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Salon Restaurant - Nyugat Bar

The bar upstairs with its dim light is one of the cosiest places in the New York Palace. It offers a view of the Salon Restaurant, a part of the New York Café, and the lobby of the hotel: look around while you are sipping your coffee, have a nice lunch or dinner, and enjoy the piano music and the attention you get from us. The Nyugat Bar had seen some hard times before it became this peaceful place, and its misfortunes started in the previous century.

Soups - Fine dining

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