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Noodles are a staple food, and not surprisingly, as they can be prepared very quickly and easily, are available in a wide variety, and are easy to come by. However, this staple food was introduced to Hungary in large quantities about 150 years ago, which, of course, does not mean that the history of noodles goes back only this far.  

Pasta - New York Café

Even though pasta is often associated with Italy, this globally popular food is not an Italian invention. It can be traced back to China, although it is true that Italians had something to do with wheat being introduced to China. Before that, the Chinese type of noodles, ping, had been made from millet and other produce, for example rice. Once the Roman milling technique and millstones had been introduced to the country, wheat was used more and more widely for noodles. How is it that Spaghetti Bolognese is not Italian, either? This, again, has a story of its own.

Thermal Spas in Budapest

A real treasure lies underneath Hungary. There’s hardly a plain area in the country that does not harbour thermal waters of various composition in its depth. Its benefits were first discovered in the ancient times. Magnificent baths were erected all over the country, spawning a genuine bathing culture that shaped the life of the rich and the poor alike. Hungary has been influenced by various bathing customs over the centuries, and they still represent an integral part of our bathing culture to this day. 

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