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Easter eggs

Easter is one of the biggest Christian holiday, the religious life has extremely strict rules and restrictions on the payers who celebrate, because we remember the resurrection of Jesus at this time. The folk tradition does not allow a lot of difference, but mixed with pagan customs, can be so cheerful, filled with the spring, the buzz, and some blithesomenessas well.

Fine dining

The history of goose liver goes back a long way, and foie gras has enjoyed continuing popularity for thousands of years. It is a luxury dish - not only because of its special taste and consistency, but also because of its highly beneficial components. In Hungary it is considered a Hungarikum, a real Hungarian speciality, but of course it is well-liked all over the world.

Salon Restaurant - Nyugat Bar

The bar upstairs with its dim light is one of the cosiest places in the New York Palace. It offers a view of the Salon Restaurant, a part of the New York Café, and the lobby of the hotel: look around while you are sipping your coffee, have a nice lunch or dinner, and enjoy the piano music and the attention you get from us. The Nyugat Bar had seen some hard times before it became this peaceful place, and its misfortunes started in the previous century.

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