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The rebirth of New York Palace has enriched the world not only with the Most Beautiful Cafe in the World, an exquisite restaurant and a top class hotel, but also a range of capacious conference halls for companies. The set of halls, capable of containing as many as 300 guests, comprises 22 rooms to suit any need from conferences and concerts to trade and fashion shows, in a luxurious setting.

Exclusive conferece hall in Budapest

Exclusive conference venue in Budapest 


The venue is drenched in pomp and elegant opulence; you will be able to discern the eclectic style of the building, which subtly evokes the Italian renaissance. Stepping inside,  you’ll be bedazzled by the clean lines of contemporary architecture, executed by the same designer team that created the custom showrooms at Ferrari. The conference centre comprises 22 halls, many of which can be made to open into each other to suit any need. All halls reflect the characteristically  Italian design features.



As the venue melds classic and modern design features, it can easily adapt to house any type of event, be it an engagement-conference, a 10-person private meeting, or a 450-person wedding reception. For the latter, we recomment Roma salon, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone with its noble elegance.


Luxury conference venues in Budapest – with hotel accommodation


The ground floor of the hotel houses the spacious reception area, furnished with comfortble armchairs. This area used to be a couryard, but became incorporated into the building during the renovations by way of a breathtakingly spectacular glass roof, which instantly transformed it into the hotel’s reception hall.


The first floor is home to the banquet hall and the VIP lounge, used mainly for press conferences and presentations. Going a little further, you’ll find a large hall, with a capacity of 80 people – equipped with three projectors and screens, as well as three smaller halls, that hold 25 people each. Two of these can be opened into each other, should the need arise to do so. The large hall also has the added advantage of a 5 metre-high ceiling, which renders it especially suitable for displaying even multiple cars. The freight lift is directly adjacent to the hall. The conference centre also has ample facilities to hold training sessions, company meetings of all scales, or even a business dinner-cum-presentation, as technical support -  built-in amplification, projectors, screens -  is assured throughout. In addition to these, you’ll also find a number of additional services available at the hotel: a cloakroom, a locked car park with space for 600 cars, as well as events organisers, hostesses, and interpreters.


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Fine dining

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Salon Restaurant - Nyugat Bar

The bar upstairs with its dim light is one of the cosiest places in the New York Palace. It offers a view of the Salon Restaurant, a part of the New York Café, and the lobby of the hotel: look around while you are sipping your coffee, have a nice lunch or dinner, and enjoy the piano music and the attention you get from us. The Nyugat Bar had seen some hard times before it became this peaceful place, and its misfortunes started in the previous century.

Soups - Fine dining

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